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The Bradford Civic Society (BCS) is a dynamic organisation which constantly seeks to influence those in power. We see ourselves as a “critical friend” to Bradford Council, working with the Council where appropriate, but not being afraid to challenge if we feel that the politicians and planners need to think again.

We have a small elected Executive Committee which acts as a steering group for the Society. All are volunteers; we have no paid employees. BCS currently has about one hundred individual members, plus several organisations which are corporate members. Membership is open to anyone who truly values Bradford and who has a strong desire to see it become a prosperous and attractive city in which to live and work.

Within our official Constitution we aim to:

• promote high standards of planning and architecture within Bradford;

• educate the public in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Bradford;

• secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in Bradford.

In order to do this the Society organises activities of various kinds. For example, in recent times we have organised a high level debate about Bradford’s future; we have convened a large-scale public meeting at which we gathered opinions about what should be done to regenerate the centre of Bradford, subsequently publishing a booklet entitled “Common Sense Regeneration” which describes what we feel is the best way forward to secure future prosperity for the city and its citizens; we have held a photographic competition aimed at encouraging young people to value Bradford’s unique architectural heritage; we have lent our weight and influence to various campaigns, such as those seeking to preserve the Odeon and to build a cross-rail link in the city centre. And so on……

If you feel the same about Bradford’s future why not help the Society – either join, volunteer or donate.